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Bert Story BMW Dealer

Bert Story is a well-known BMW and MINI dealer. The Story branches in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Waardenburg and Nijmegen are all part of the Pala Group which includes a total of nine BMW dealers. Story is part of the German car brand’s biggest dealership in the Netherlands..

Protecting bridges from ice

Hein Dekkers, Aftersales Manager at Story in ‘s-Hertogenbosch told us: “Hand care is very important to us. We have 11 fulltime mechanics working here who I would estimate wash their hands 10x a day. We changed to Dreumex hand soap a few years ago because for us it offers a quality that cleans dirty hands really well and it protects them too. We have noticed that hand care is important to our mechanics, especially in winter and I have never heard any of the mechanics complain about it so it must be good.”

“A couple of years ago we started using the Dreumex One2clean concept. Consumption reduced considerably as a result and consequently so did the costs by 61%. Furthermore, the automatic dispenser system works really well, which means there is less waste and we are taking better care of the environment. So one hand washes the other, both literally and figuratively.”

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