Biochela®dissolve 593


Biochela dissolve is quick acting and effective in removing petroleum based oils and greases. An effective degreaser that inoculates oil and grease stains with carefully chosen micro-organisms which degrade the contamination. Essential micronutrients stimulate this action. Deals with stains embedded in porous surfaces such as concrete, stone, asphalt and soil as well as act as being a good, conventional cleaner and degreaser.

  • Excellent degreasing properties
  • Removes stains ordinary products cannot
  • Keeps working on imbedded stains
  • Deals with surface stains
  • Biodegradable
  • Reduces oil content of separator tanks
  • Enhances biodegradation above and below ground surface
  • Cleans oily plant, equipment, vehicles and tools
  • Hydrocarbon solvent free
  • Micronutrients boost activity

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