Dry Foam Shampoo 1002

A carefully formulated blend of dry and high foam surfactants that will efficiently clean carpet and upholstery. As there is no sticky residue, it does not contribute to re-soiling. The instant high foam helps prevent over-wetting of the carpet or fabric. Agreeably perfumed it is pleasant to use. The surfactants used are highly biodegradable, does not contain optical brightener.

  • High, dry foam – cleaned fabric and carpets dries quickly
  • No sticky residue – does not contribute to re-soiling
  • No optical brightener colours not affected
  • High Dilution – economical in use
  • Synergistic blend for efficient cleaning
  • Pleasant fresh perfume
  • Biodegradable surfactants
  • Use in machine or by hand
  • Mild pH

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