EliteClean HD 97


Highly dilutable and effective hard surface cleaner and degreaser for general use on all surfaces. Removes grime, hydrocarbon and food oils and greases. Quick-acting with moderate foam. Designed to clean the interiors of buses and coaches and leaves surfaces clean and fresh. May also be used to wash exteriors through automatic brush was equipment of manually.

  • Neutral pH
  • Fast-acting vigorous product which cleans instantly.
  • Removes grease, grime oil, soot, dye, ink, nicotine, mildew, and diesel.
  • Applied by spray, mop, brush or swab on to almost any surface for instant results.
  • Leaves no sticky deposits, just a dry clean surface
  • Economical Dilutes with up to 50 parts of water
  • Cuts arduous scrubbing therefore saves valuable time
  • Ideal wash down preparation prior to painting etc.
  • Safe on most materials – plastic, wood, metal, glass, painted and powder coating

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