EliteGuard G1 is a unique high-performance protection system designed to provide protection across porous and polished surfaces which are subject to weathering, UV degradation, graffiti attack and general soiling. EliteGuard G1 is a solvent-borne treatment which gives hydrophobic and lipophobic properties which provide high levels of protection and ease of clean to porous surfaces which are typically extremely difficult to maintain. EliteGuard G1 reacts chemically to the surface and becomes part of the surfaces giving permanent protection.

Permanent Treatment – no need to re-apply
Anti-graffiti protection – provides protection against spray paint, leather dye, magic marker and most other types of external graffiti
Protection against water ingress – surfaces remain vapour permeable
Weathering/UV protection – increase the longevity of the substrate
Creates an easy-clean environment – stable against grease, oil, diesel and all other soiling
Reduce the adhesion of chewing gum on concrete surfaces
Reduce hazardous chemical usage – eradicate the usage of highly hazardous cleaning detergents and graffiti removers
Reduce chemical maintenance spend – reduce the amount of chemical required to clean and maintain surfaces
Slip resistance

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