Gel Guard 508


For convenient instantaneous hand decontamination.

  • No washing and drying facilities required
  • Offers unparalleled, broad spectrum antimicrobial protection
  • Rapid Virucidal, Bactericidal and Fungicidal activity of alcohol
  • Leaves no toxic or tainting chemical residues
  • Beats infections picked up by touching
  • Rapid destruction of spoilage organisms during food handling
  • Safe handling of egg and chicks in hatcheries
  • Handling of livestock and biological matter in veterinary surgeries
  • Ideal for spot disinfection of hard surfaces
  • Use for general hand disinfection
  • Suitable for use in: Veterinary Surgeries, Livestock Farming, Hatcheries, Food & Beverage Plants, Dairy Product Handling, Breweries, Abattoirs & Meat Processing Plants, Aquaculture Farms & Fisheries, Aviaries & Pet stores.

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