Marathon®Acrylic Seal 406


For use on hard and soft floors including: marble, terrazzo, limestone, concrete, pavers, sheet PVC, PVC tiles, asphalt and linoleum. Gives a tough easy-to-clean surface that is non-yellowing. May be used for exterior as well as interior use and is a good base for emulsion polishes. It is not removed by normal emulsion polish strippers.

  • Emulsion system low VOC
  • Water based low odour for operator and customer comfort
  • Low odour does not taint
  • Quick drying can be walked on in as little as an hour
  • Solvent free no flash point, safer to use
  • Solvent free equipment cleaned with water
  • Masonry floors made easy to clean
  • Resists polish strippers
  • Is a good economical base for emulsion polish
  • Non-yellowing original colour of floor retained
  • Seals porous floors and saves unnecessary coats of emulsion polish

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